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Verified Status

What is Verified Status?

Verified Status helps protect and maintain quality standards at My Wellness School by identifying partners and community members who:

1. Are licensed or nationally certified fitness, health, or wellness professionals.

Example: Coaches, Trainers, Dietitians, or Therapists


2. Have graduated with formal academic training or possess accreditation in a fitness, health, or wellness field.

Example: Degree, Diploma, or Certificate

How do I know if a member is Verified?

Verified members have a blue checkmark badge next to their name and community profile photo (see example below).

Verified members can also be MWS Partners who offer products and services in the Coaching Marketplace.

I'm an expert. How do I get Verified?

You will need to provide proof of your credentials. Requirements vary depending on the situation.

To begin the process of obtaining Verified Status, you must complete a short application form (free of charge). Click the button below to begin.