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Our Story

Why My Wellness School is here...

....because there is a disconnect.

Despite the current widespread popularity of healthy eating options, wellness services, and fitness programs alike, a dismal reality still remains — chronic disease, burnout, fatigue, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression rates are at an all time high — and only getting worse.

And as if that’s not enough, we are also still living through the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Needless to say, these are serious times and serious issues. Issues that afflict us all one way or another.

While there are no easy solutions, one thing is for certain: Now more than ever, what we need are wellness strategies, health information, and most importantly — personal interactions we can trust.

Unfortunately, the modern internet and social media have largely become a breeding ground for false advertising, fake personas, distractions, and misinformation that is only making matters worse.

We need better if we're going to be able to live better.

That’s why My Wellness School is here.

We are a community-first, expert-driven, multi-disciplinary coaching marketplace for healthy living.

We believe that not everyone has to do the same thing to live well and that healthy living comes in many forms. Our program and service offerings reflect that philosophy.

Our community is independently owned and operated and prides itself as a safe and trusted place for anyone and everyone to ask questions, consult real experts, share experiences, get support, have fun, and learn how to live a healthier life — together.

Whether you're currently struggling with something — physically or mentally — or you have the training and experience that can help others, the fact is: we all have something to learn, and we all have something to share.

This is our platform to do it.

So let's connect.

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