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School Rules

All members of My Wellness School agree to abide by the following community guidelines, which we call our “School Rules”.

Maintaining these School Rules helps us to make sure that My Wellness School works well for the entire community. Violation of School Rules will result in a warning or, in some cases, a loss of membership.

1.0 Prohibited Images and Content

The following content (i.e. images, video, audio, or written) are NOT permitted at My Wellness School:

  1. Content reflecting advertising, spam, or promotion of any unapproved goods and/or services. Links to personal social media accounts and/or business page(s) are only allowed on your My Wellness School profile page, they cannot be posted to the main feed (the only 2 exceptions are if you are providing free high-quality educational content OR you are an approved MWS Partner).
  2. Any derogatory content, profanity, or hate speech that supports bullying, intimidation, harassment, sexism, racism, malicious stereotyping, or slurs against religion, or the sexual orientation of an individual or group.
  3. Sexually-suggestive or provocative material. Content or photos that contain nudity or promote sexual objectification of any kind is not allowed. Such content may be sensitive to some members.
  4. Any copyrighted material or content that infringes on another’s intellectual property.
  5. Content related to pharmaceutical interventions, medications and/or dosages that could lead to misinformation to other members.

2.0 Allow Yourself to be Supported

2.1. Ask for guidance and support from other members if you want to. Give yourself permission to be acknowledged and supported by the community. Be appreciative when other members provide support to you. Let other members know what you find more or less helpful.

2.2. Express yourself fully and honestly. Share with others what you are comfortable sharing and take responsibility for what you share.

3.0 Support Others

3.1. While you may have a difference of opinion with others at times, it is expected that you will treat each and every member with respect and sincerity. Listen to other members unconditionally. Ask open-ended questions and offer constructive feedback.

3.2. Share helpful experiences, insights, and ideas. Offer reasonable choices and advice to others, remembering that ultimately all members have to make up their own minds about what is best for them.

3.3. Try and follow up with members when you have engaged with them. Keep your commitments as best you can.

3.4. Be mindful of others. Many members may have been struggling with their health for a long time, so don’t post content that may be discouraging to others. Consider how a posting might affect vulnerable members before sharing.

4.0 Promote and Maintain a Safe Environment

4.1. Only post or upload content that is in compliance with the School Rules. Please review Section 1.0 Prohibited Images and Content (above), as needed. If in doubt or unsure if the content you would like to share is okay, please check with us by visiting our support page at before posting.

4.2. Report any of the following using the ‘Report’ button located within the three dots link at the bottom right of the post. We consider all reported content or incidents carefully. Please note: The community administrators will NOT identify that you alerted them.

4.3. Report any members that appear to be at immediate risk of harming themselves or another.

4.4. Report any threats you perceive to yourself or other members or inappropriate behavior. Report any observed violation of these School Rules.

Violation of School Rules

The consequences of violating School Rules can be a written warning or, in some cases, a loss of membership.

When content or images are considered inappropriate or in clear violation as described above, the content will be edited and possibly removed in its entirety. Members will be notified by the Community Manager when this occurs.

If a breach of School Rules becomes a regular occurrence or is of such severity that it is deemed warranted by Community Administrators, temporary or permanent deactivation from the site can occur.

Technical Issues

Be aware that despite our best efforts, technological issues can occur at any time. As a result the site can go down or errors may occur that result in loss of content, images, or even anonymity for anonymous posts. Please let us know immediately if you notice anything not working properly.

For any issues that may jeopardize the safety on the site or a member, please contact

You can also get in touch with us using the support chat at with any comments, suggestions, or concerns.