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Let it Roll eBook by Fiona Naayen

10 Reviews

Let it Roll eBook

Conquer your aches and pains and create a strong, flexible body with these physio-approved moves.


Do you suffer from back, neck, knee or shoulder pain?

Have you tried pilates, yoga or the gym only to find you feel worse?

Living with constant pain makes your day-to-day life challenging, affecting your sleep, flattening your mood and focus and sapping your productivity and relationships.

You never know how you'll feel when you wake up in the morning and whether it will be a good or bad day, pain-wise.

The great news is that there are proven methods to alleviate your pain and provide lasting relief.

"Let it Roll" an Ebook written by an experienced Australian physiotherapist has the latest advice and recommendations around all things exercise, pain, core and posture.

You will learn about pain, strength, posture and common conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

You will also learn about the importance of breathing and core and how to ease your pain and improve your strength, mobility, balance and posture by using the incredibly versatile foam roller in your exercise regime.

"Let it Roll" will teach you how to use a foam roller, safely and effectively, help you manage specific issues and teach you how to exercise at an appropriate level with graded exercises.

Product Overview

What is it?

An Ebook written by an Australian physiotherapist explaining and demonstrating safe, effective exercises with a foam roller.

What's included?

Graded exercises with step-by-step descriptions, photos and tips for avoiding common compensations and progressing your exercises. 

How will it help?

You will learn some simple theory around core, pain, posture, breathing, neuromuscular training and then understand how specific exercises can help you feel and function better.

Best for:

Beginners to advanced exercisers who want to move without

fear, ease pain or simply feel and function better. 

Meet your coach.

Fiona Naayen


Fiona Naayen is an Australian Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience.

As a highly qualified health professional, Fiona uses advanced techniques and evidenced based care to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders.

Fiona is also an accredited GLAD Australia Physiotherapist, pinc and steel and clinical pilates trained practitioner.


Here's what you get when you purchase the Let it Roll eBook:

217 page book with 9 chapters.
Chapters 1 - 3: Details about why you should include a roller in your workout.
  • The latest evidence based research about pain, posture, cartilage, core, neuromuscular exercises.
  • The basics on how to use a roller, types of rollers and how to care for your roller.
  • Detailed explanations on what your core is, how to find it, how to activate your core and how to exercise at the correct level for you.

Chapter 4: Roller rookies- simple, beginner type exercises for those new to a roller or experiencing pain.

Chapter 5: Intermediate type exercises for those who have some level of fitness, minimal pain and want to add a little more variety to their workout.

Chapter 6: High rollers- experienced exercisers with a high level of fitness will find these exercises add challenge and variety to their workouts.

Chapter 7: Roll and release exercises perfect for post exercise or if you have particular issues.

Chapter 8: Specific roller programmes targeting neck or lower back, knee or shoulder pain.

Chapter 9: graded roller programs - beginner through to advanced examples of an exercise workout utilising the roller.




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Reviews & Questions


Fiona Naayen

March 15, 2022.

Hi MWS! Fiona here.

I have been treating, teaching and motivating all age groups to move and improve for many, many years.

A long foam roller is my favourite exercise tool.... it adds another dimension to your workout and could almost be considered a home gym, all "rolled" up in a convenient, accessible, space saving size.

I hope it finds a permanent spot in your house for daily use- whether it is for a simple star fish or hip flexor stretch or as part of a complex workout.

- Fiona