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Good Morning Breakfast eBook by Olivia Geraci

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Good Morning Breakfast eBook

Fuel your body right from the start of your day with a variety of recipes that are tasty, nutritious, and simple to follow.

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Breakfast can be confusing. 

Think about it, we click into our social media apps and are bombarded with the newest food trends, fad diets, what to eat, what not to eat, or how we should be eating our food.

It's fair to say that it can feel overwhelming or stressful to understand what to eat, especially when it comes to starting off our day.

Instead, if we just focused on the basics, breakfast should be a simple, tasty, and nutritious way to get your day set in motion.

The Good Morning Breakfast E-Book helps to bring you back to those basics. 

This e-book is comprised of 10 recipes ranging from those that can be prepped ahead of time, as well as those that can be enjoyed on your slower mornings.

Like many "healthy" recipes books out there that require many organic or expensive ingredients, this book includes a majority of ingredients that are easily accessible for the most part, and includes optional alternatives for you in case.

Whether it is a frittata, smoothie, chocolate loaf or stack of pancakes, the recipes are very diverse for hitting all of those taste buds.

As a bonus, Olivia has included a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation call for those that are interested in personalized fitness programs and nutritional guidance for their goals.

Product Overview

What is it?

The Good Morning Breakfast E-Book is an e-book comprised of 10 simple and nutritious recipes, ranging from those that are savoury and sweet.

What's included?

10 Breakfast recipes ranging from those that can be prepped ahead of time or made on your slower mornings. A "Breakfast Planner" and a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation call with Olivia.

How will it help?

Makes healthy breakfast choices easier by providing recipes that are simple to follow, nutritious, and tasty. The free coaching call provides an opportunity for more personal guidance.

Best for:

Anyone who enjoys (or wants to enjoy) breakfast , and wants to live a healthier life without any dieting or calorie counting. 

Meet your coach.

Olivia Geraci


Olivia is a certified Personal Trainer and PN1 Nutrition Coach who graduated with honours from Humber College in the Fitness & Health Promotion, and the Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Promotion programs.

Aside from being a Personal Trainer, Olivia is an online health coach who helps women ditch dieting and find strength in movement by creating individualized workout plans and providing nutritional guidance to her clients.

When Olivia is not in the gym or working, she enjoys listening to podcasts on outdoor walks, watching Netflix with her cat-filled family, or eating pancakes on a relaxing weekend morning. 


Here's what you get when you purchase the Good Morning Breakfast eBook:

10 healthy breakfast recipes split into those that can be prepared ahead of time, and those that can be made at home for those mornings when you have extra time.

Cooking/nutritional tips and a list of ingredients (with substitutions if necessary) for each recipe.

Printable PDF "Breakfast Planner" (with samples) to help you plan out your breakfast meals of the week if you live a very busy lifestyle.

FREE 30-minute coaching call with Olivia to discuss your nutrition (and fitness) goals!




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"I have known Olivia Geraci for almost four years, she was my personal trainer for a year and a half, we worked hard together but I reached my goals, she is an amazing person to work with and a super trainer!"


"I met Olivia 3 years ago at Gore Meadows community centre. She was a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer. I loved her boot camp classes where she demonstrated knowledge, flexibility and a positive attitude and lots of energy. Fast forward to 2021, I received radiation therapy for cancer at trillium health partners. I was instructed on a low fibre diet at the hospital but I needed more than what the dietitian could offer. Olivia was very creative, and informative and help make the diet more tolerable."


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Reviews & Questions


Olivia Geraci

December 1, 2021.

Hello foodie! Liv here.

I'm so glad to have finally brought my passion into a product that I can share with individuals like you!

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day, but I understand that it can be confusing with all the overwhelming information we see about food in the media, probably making you wonder what you should even eat in the first place.

This e-book solves that question for you, and has nothing to do with dieting or calorie counting either. This e-book just provides 10 recipes that are simple, nutritious, and can easily be customized to your liking.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about the product below (especially which recipe you loved the most), and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have as well! 

Here's to GOOD MORNINGS ahead, and I look forward to speaking to you during our 1:1 coaching consultation call! :)

- Liv